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gentle resurfacing liquid

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cleansing concentrate testimonials

"This is hands down the best cleanser I've tried for so many reasons. The texture is luxurious and slides very well onto skin, motivates me to massage my face for longer than usual. It is the only cleanser that helped me to massage blackheads out, without having to press and damage my skin too much. I like that it's so easy to wash off with water because it emulsifies very well. Leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped, calms irritated skin. I didn't know a cleanser could make so much difference in my (already elaborate) skin care routine. I have fewer blemishes than before and my skin is less oily because it's not being stripped constantly. Love it and will absolutely repurchase!" Daria

"I have oily-combination skin which is easily congested and sometimes it peels a bit after an active treatment/ tretinoin, etc. This is the only cleanser I trust to cause me absolutely no problems whatever condition my skin is in and removes waterproof mascara easily without stinging my eyes. I am a cleanser junkie and have tried a wide variety from budget to luxury so it’s a big deal when I say that if I had to keep only one jar in my bathroom, it would be this. We need a 200ml jar please." Nicky

"This is the most amazing makeup remover I have ever used!!! It rinses clean and somehow leaves my face not even remotely irritated!!! I can see my skin becoming more calm as I use it and the texture and clarity improving. This is truly an incredible product. As I type this I still cant believe how much I love it. I love that there are no fragrances or essential oils. It feels nourishing and never dries out my skin. I look forward to using it every night. Also the texture is a dream!!!! I could seriously go on but this product has changed my skin for the better and I'm so grateful! I will repurchase forever because nothing comes close it's truly a unique product!" - Kelly

the cleansing concentrate

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"I'm 38 and still struggle with acne. I was terrified to put oil on my face because it just sounds so wrong. Now every morning I can't wait to look in the mirror to see what miracles have occured overnight. My skin is hydrated, glowing and clear. Thank you so much." Michelle


"I have truly seen a difference since using this product. This oil has strengthened my  moisture barrier and added almost a protective factor to my skin. I really credit this product with helping to clear my skin's congestion. My skin is hydrated, nourished, and less sensitive in general. Holy grail." Kassandra


"I love this oil. I wake up to skin that looks and feels hydrated, not oily, and has an overall even tone and radiance. It seems to do a wonderful job of speeding my skin's healing process. My redness from leftover blemishes looks calmed and almost not visible after using it." Karen


the facial oil

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